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Binibini Masbate Hannah Arnold Speaks Up on ‘National Costume’ Issue


Binibini Masbate Hannah Arnold Speaks Up on ‘National Costume’ Issue

Binibining Pilipinas 2019 National Costume show was such a success that it did not only pique the interest of the Filipinos, it also attracted spectators from other country. The loudest of these foreign spectators are Indonesians.

With too much space unoccupied in their trophy shelves, the Indonesians have been repeatedly pouncing on our delegates by making below-the-belt comments that are often uncouth and uncalled-four.

Dion Besa Photo / The Qrown PH

This year, they decided to not spare Binibining Pilipinas candidates. Ten days removed from Coronation Night, Indonesian trolls posted in their Instagram accounts dubious claims that Binibini Masbate Hannah Arnold’s national costume copied an ex-Indonesia beauty queen’s national costume.

While there are indeed some similarities in structure (train with fixtures), the aesthetics and meanings are world’s apart. Hannah Arnold is among this year’s front runners.

Dion Besa Photo / The Qrown PH

Arnold took to Instagram, a strong response to Indonesian critics who is bent on bringing her down. The Masbate lady says, “I have seen a lot of comments saying we have copied Miss Dea from Indonesia.’

“Honestly speaking I never watched the pageant she was in, so have never seen a costume or performance like this before. ‘

Binibini Masbate HANNAH ARNOLD addressed what Indonesian fans allege that her national costume and that of an ex-Miss…

Posted by The Qrown Philippines on Thursday, 30 May 2019

“I hope that pageant fans from both countries will stop bringing other women down and will be proud of the national stories us candidates are trying to share through our costumes”

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