Thai-American Jack Titus is Nevada’s representative to Mr. Gay World USA happening on November 12 to 14 in Florida. The medical student and volunteer at the  LGBTQ Center of southern Nevada recently held an online meet with Filipino bloggers and pageant writers about his bid for the title.
The Qrown Philippines was one of those invited to ask questions to Jack. When asked how his participation can help Asians being discriminated against, Jack said: ” As you guys know there’s a campaign called Stop Asian Hate. I don’t have experience for myself but one of my friends got bullied even here in the country.”
“But I do want to say anyone no matter what skin or color, no matter what you look like, no one deserves that. And for me, I am Asian too I want to tell everyone all over the world we are one and the same.”
He also answered other questions from the Filipino pageant press in the video below.
Vote Jack to be your Mr. Gay World USA. Head over to the Mr. Gay World USA website for details.

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