(UPDATED) Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez continues to make her presence felt at the Miss World competition in Puerto Rico as she unveiled the details of her national costume.
Cebu-based designer Axel Que dressed up the 28-year-old Cebuana beauty in the costume called “Mayari.”
“Moon Goddess and daughter of Bathala. Hailed as the most beautiful deity, she has complete dominion of the world at night. The moon has been revered as a celestial being by most ancient civilizations in antiquity. Apart from its mysterious allure, it has also been thought to have a great cosmic influence on the mortal realm,” according to the text from Miss World Philippines.
“My rendition incorporated a lot of traditional forms as the base silhouette, with slight exaggerations in the proportion and volume. For embellishment, I crafted white & purple moonflowers ( morning glory/ moon vine ) from scratch and added the gradient shading in the middle to give it more depth. Pearls and tassels thoughtfully border the hemlines.’
Aside from Axel, Jojo Bragais, and Christopher Munar also provided the necessary shoes and accessories to complete the look.
Aside from her head-to-head challenge win wherein she secured the Philippines in the Top 30, Miss World also announced that Tracy is a finalist for her Beauty with a Purpose Project called Para Kay Nanay.
At Tracy’s send-off last month, The Qrown Philippines got a chance to speak to designer Axel Que about the national costume for Tracy. You can watch the video below.
The Miss World competition will be broadcast in the Philippines on Friday, December 17.

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