Filipina-French beauty Gwendolyne “Gwen” Fourniol is back in the pageant scene after a year and is trying out once again for Miss World Philippines. Now 21, Gwen hopes to capture the main crown.
During the meet and greet sponsored by Promedia Productions on Friday, May 20, Gwen admitted that for someone who trying again for the second time, there’s a lot of pressure. But with a new group behind her, she’s grateful.
” It’s also a lot of lessons learned. Because you know it’s your second time, you come back stronger and more determined. And of course, with Promedia behind me, I just feel so much stronger in my journey in Miss World,” she said.
Photo by Alexa Villano

Beach Beauty Challenge

Speaking with the Qrown Philippines during the Meet and Greet, Gwen recalled minutes before the start of the Beach Beauty Challenge that she and Miss World Philippines sisters were wondering how they were going to go on stage at Boracay due to the rain.
Screenshot from Miss World Philippines
“I remember sitting in the hut with all my sisters and just waiting for it to happen. Because we’ve been rehearsing in the sun and the heat. And the time of the performance comes pouring in rain,” she said. ” But you know what, we persevered. We took off our shoes because Sir Ryan (Calmante) told us to go barefoot because it was now or never. And we went on stage and conquered the stage.”
Gwen said that she used the rain to her advantage, using it as a prop. ” I tried to make it exciting for me, I try to have fun on stage. And that’s what really matters. When you’re nervous, it shows on stage so I really try to make it fun and exciting.”
Gwen’s hard work paid off. She’s one of the finalists for the Beach Beauty Challenge.

Healing and Unity

Aware that the country is divided after the national elections, Gwen was asked what she can do on her part to help heal the wounds.
“I am all about unity. I am all about bringing together a segregated society. And doing that we need to come together as a community because I cannot do this by myself. even if I am the president of the Philippines, I am the president of the United States, I cannot bring a whole community together. It’s all about doing this with one another and believing that there is hope, positivity, and not negativity and war because we need to live in harmony and spread the love.”
You can watch more of Gwen’s short one on One with the Qrown Philippines below.

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