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Kim Panaligan Babao is not new to the pageant scene as she has competed in the provincial stage. Now, she living the dream of joining the nationals, as a candidate for Miss World Philippines.

For the third Qrown Profile, let’s get to know more about Kim, who is the representative of Oriental Mindoro in this year’s pageant.

Qrown: Before Miss World Philippines, what were you busy with?

Kim: I definitely invested a lot of time being creative in finding extra resources of income during the pandemic, also balancing helping a certain community in my province, which is the Tukuran Falls Locals, providing any sort of help they might need. 

Qrown: What pushed you to join the pageant?

Kim: I have a history of joining local pageants ever since 2016, and Miss World Philippines has always been my target national pageant. Whenever I was asked why this pageant, I always answered that I could truly relate to their core, beauty with a purpose. How this has inspired so many young women to become a Queen of not just beauty, but also of substance, with a heart for her society and a cause to fight for.

Qrown: Tell us something about Oriental Mindoro that people are not aware of?

Kim: Oriental Mindoro is one of the most environment-friendly provinces in the country. It is very underrated despite having if not the largest, one of the largest organic farms in the country. Our province aside from boasting panoramic views, white sand beaches, our very own famous mount Halcon, endemic species, falls, and lakes are considered tourists attractions. We are also the gateway to the south and suppliers of crops all over the nation, when it comes to agriculture we are one of the leading provinces in the country.

Qrown: If we go to Oriental Mindoro, which place would you take me to?

Kim: Definitely the Tukuran Falls. We all know Puerto Galera is known for its amazing white sand beaches, and night life but I would like to take a different route, a route where you get to embrace nature, where you get to appreciate the beauty of green, the falls is spectacular and majestic, the locals are so welcoming that would definitely leave a soft spot in your heart with their stories and how hardworking they are in order to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the place.

Qrown: Beauty queens are looked up to by a lot of people nowadays because of the platforms given to them. How do you plan to use this win or lose?

Kim: Win or lose, I will definitely use this platform to further share with people stories what I have witnessed in regard to my cause and my advocacy. It is important that whatever the outcome of the coronation night is, stick to your core, to who you are, and make you… YOU. And for me, in this pageant life, what truly built me is my cause, the people I fight for, their stories, their experiences, and their cries for help especially during the pandemic. 

Qrown: Next year, the country will be voting for a new set of leaders. How will you use your platform to encourage people to register to vote?

Kim: Definitely show people initiative, by having myself already registered, sharing insights so that they can take in consideration when electing their own leaders, but it still is a must that before voting one must truly have a thorough background check on each candidate, to have enough knowledge one must invest time for the betterment of our country. 

Kim during the Beach Beauty competition. Photo by Jamin Lim

Qrown: Why should you be one of the titleholders in this year’s Miss World Philippines edition?

Kim: I should be one of the titleholders of Miss World Philippines because I know that I have fully grasped the deepest part of my own core, I know what the organization truly stands for, and I am confident in having a collaborative mind that can easily work with all the staff of the organization and the people around me, and lastly the heart and soul to live up to the responsibilities with a genuine love for this passion, which is Miss World Philippines.

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