Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu took time off from her Manila visit to speak with the youth and women about her advocacy on mesntrual equity and reproductive health.
During the Menstrual forum sponsored by Modess last April 26, the Indian beauty queen shared how she got exposed to the issue thanks to her mom, a gynecologist.
“My mom a gynecologist has been the woman of my life who taught me about women’s health issues and begin me in this journey spreading the word regarding menstrual hygiene,” she said. “I have watched her in public all through my life how she has been working towards the women of India breaking the patriarchy system within my community. And empowering them to give values to the women in my country to know their bodies. And find help when needed when doors were not opened for them. This has encouraged me and ignited the fire within me to take on the task and use the words to continue to talk globally and Miss Universe.”
Harnaaz said that with the global platform she has, she is here to remind young women in particular the menstuation is normal and part of being a woman.
“Don’t let that stain steal your mind, lose your confidence. Because you were taught that it was wrong to talk about your health, something that was a natural occurrence,” she said.
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Beatrice Luigi Gomez and Harnaaz: Men should be part of the menstrual talk

Harnaaz also reminded all women to educate themselves about their bodies. She also said that men should take part in the discussion. Attending talks are just an example.
“Be part of the conversation. And show support to their wives, their mothers, their sisters, and their female friends. That is the support we need. When we might feel uncomfortable talking about our period, we need you to say it’s okay to menstruate. That’s all what we want,” she said.
Photo by Alexa Villano
Miss Univese Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez echoed Harnaaz’s statement.
“It’s very important that men attend these types of talks. Because not all women are guided by their mothers. It’s also very important that men educate themselves about menstruation because you could be helping your daughter,” she said.

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