Miss Universe Philippines Charity 2021 Victoria Velasquez Vincent said that she had a talk with her parents regarding the offer of the Miss Universe New Zealand organization for her to be its representative.
At the press conference for the 2021 Miss Universe Philippines queens on Saturday, October 16, the Filipino-New Zealander said that while it was her decision to decline, her family was also part of it.
“It was also influenced by my parents. They play a very significant role in everything I do because they shaped the woman I am today. And I knew that at the end of the day, no one has my best at heart the way my parents do. So yeah they were the ones who were influential when it came to deciding,” she said.
In an Instagram post on October 11, Victoria, who was a frontrunner in the pageant held in Bohol last September 30 shared that she was offered to be Miss Universe New Zealand. But after taking time and talking with her family, she declined the offer.
“My heart is, and always will be here to serve the Philippines. Some may say I’m not Filipina enough, and that’s ok.
I know who I am. I know what I stand for. I am a Filipina,” she said.

Busy with work

Two weeks since they were crowned as the 2021 queens, Victoria and the rest have been busy with various activities from photoshoots to outreach programs. Victoria said that as Miss Universe Philippines Charity, she said that has discussed with the organization some of the ideas she had in mind.
Photo by Alexa Villano
“As some of you know I have been working with NGOs prior to the pageant that is directly related to my educational background like Habitat for Humanity, Gawad Kalinga… and those organizations I will continue to be working with. But I’ve discussed with the Miss Universe Philippines Organization not just pushing for one demographical of people but also supporting everyone. And also, we’re working with Save the Children Philippines at the start of the pageant so that’s another organization. But like I said, we want to show our support for everyone no matter what background they come from [and] battles they are facing,” she said.
Miss Universe Philippines Tourism Katrina Dimaranan on the other hand said that she would like to work with the Department of Tourism to boost back the country’s tourism economy.
“I have talked with the organization on possibly setting projects that are in line with DOT Philippines. Because we know that one of the most important things to boost our economy back in the Philippines is to get the tourism up and running again. Hopefully, I could be a part of that and hopefully, I can create small changes in the Philippines by working with the DOT here,” she said.
First runner-up Maureen Wroblewitz said that she’s happy spending time with her pageant sisters.
” I really cherish it and I love to have the photoshoots. And I really said that whatever happens, I will really focus on my advocacy. And I have been doing that actually because it’s October, I have been focusing [on] my advocacy which is breast cancer awareness and I hope to be working with I Can Serve further.”
Second runner-up Steffi Aberasturi meanwhile that she’s grateful for the experience.
“I am still grateful for everything. I never really considered myself being a failure. But still, I consider this as a success for me. I may not be able to grab the Miss Universe Philippines title, the biggest title but here being part of the top 5 being with these girls, being with the organization, I can inspire more, empower people and continue with my advocacy and I am still amazed and happy to be here,” she said.
Cebu City’s Beatrice Luigi Gomez succeeded Rabiya Mateo, who finished as part of the Top 20 in the pageant held in Florida last May. Bea, a Marine Reservist and member of the LGBTQ+ community with compete for the country’s 5th crown in Eilat, Israel in December.

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