Miss Universe Philippines 2021 2nd runner-up Steffi Aberasturi said that she’s not closing her doors to joining the pageant scene.
Speaking to Dyan Castillejo and blogger Adam Genato at the sideline of the press presentation of the 2022 candidates on April 9, the Cebuana beauty said: ” I’m still not closing my doors for it. But let’s try to see it first.”
The 27-year-old model said that she’s overjoyed that many fans want her to still give it another shot.
“They see so much in me…I don’t like what I did to get that much support from these people. I am just really grateful and thankful.”
Early this year, Steffi got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Karl. She did say that part of the reason she cannot say much about joining another pageant is because of the proposal but she did confirm that they will get married next year.

Miss Universe Philippines 2022

In the same interview, Steffi was asked her thoughts about the 2022 batch.
” I’m able to reminisce all the things that happened to me last year. With all the things that dawned over Miss Universe Philippines I’ve learned about it, it’s truly inspiring to see all those girls not just that heir very beautiful inside and out but also very witty as well.”
Steffi and Miss Universe Philippines Communications Director Voltaire Tayag during the press presentation. Photo by Jamin Lim
As for her advice to the girls, she said: “Based on what I experienced, I want the girls to have fun and enjoy. They really have to be positive about it, with the outcome. Don’t expect too much from it but you have to do your best as well.”

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