In every beauty contest, there are those who are the underdogs and shine in the most important components of the competition. So it’s no surprise that in this year’s Miss Universe Philippines edition, there are a lot of candidates who can pull an upset among the heavy favorites to win the crown.
We at the Qrown Philippines rounded up the potential ladies who we believe are going to show more of themselves in the few days as the competition intensifies.

All photos by Jamin Lim

Ivylou Borbon, Pangasinan

The moment Ivylou walks onstage, everyone paid attention At the press presentation, a lot of the press loved her presence because she was having a lot of fun. Whatever outfit she wears also compliments her caramel skin color and in a country where mestiza is preferred, she was a fresh face to pay attention to.
One of the Qrown Philippines members said that Ivylou is someone to watch out for because of the following criteria: face, relatabilty, and a chameleon, which is a plus factor in the pageant world.
A lot of us in the team are excited to see Ivylou’s photos from the sponsor shoots because we definitely love to see the outcome of that chameleon moment.

Shanelyn Bayson, Victorias City

Shanelyn was one of the girls that wasn’t given much attention until the press presentation came. The moment she came out in the yellow top and jeans and sashayed towards the stage, it reminded people of Alaiza Malinao’s look. Videos and pictures do not give justice to her overall look until you see her up close.
Like Ivylou, Shanelyn has the face, relatability, and a chameleon if properly styled. We are all looking forward to the photos that will be released in the next few days to see how she has transformed from the press presentation.
Thanks to the Frontrow Netizen’s Choice award alongside Katrina Llegado of Taguig, Shanelyn is slowly building momentum and like everyone, we’re all watching out for how she’ll sustain her momentum.

Angelica Lopez, Palawan

During the press presentation, I could not help but admire Angelica when she walked onstage. The white dress on her skin tone really made her stand out. She also had the vavavoom appeal which commanded presence.
Palawan has been sending a lot of candidates to competitions in the past years that are striking. Angelica really stood out to a lot of members of the press. Footage of BTS from their photoshoots also shows just how a chameleon she is in motion.
A lot of us from the Qrown Philippines still want to see more of Angelica in the next few days. A swimsuit challenge is happening soon and we’re anticipating she’ll definitely show the fire within her.

Ghenesis Latugat, BAGUIO CITY

Since winning Miss Baguio 2021 last year, Ghenesis Latnugat has been on a lot of pageant pages’ list for a title. When she announced she was joining Miss Universe Philippines, a lot were excited to see her compete. She has the height, the looks that channel Venus Raj, and also has personality.
Ghenesis was also one of the candidates our Qrown Philippines correspondents Christian Baking and Dawnie Tiu got to speak with. Check out the interview on why she’s one of the girls to watch out for.

If Ghenesis keeps up her momentum, we won’t be surprised if she makes it to the Top 5. We are definitely going to be watching out for her.

Jedidah Korinihona, Davao del Sur

If you meet Jedidah personally, you’ll know why she’s someone you can talk to. She has the spunk and personality that will attract you to her. She’s breath of fresh air in a sea of straight hair girls because her curls gives her a lot fo personality.
The Island Girl with Personality has always been said to be a darkhorse for many. What Jedi needs to do is show more than what she has said in past interviews. Admit it or not, fans always look for something different when you tried for the second or third time. We’re confident that Jedi still has a lot of things to show us in the next few days.

Isabelle Braza, Las Pinas

Isabelle Braza is perhaps the most improved candidates among this year’s batch. After failing to make it to the Top 30 last year, she returned this year under the helm of Aces and Queens and underwent extensive training not only hair and makeup but also personality development.
Isabelle has a lot of spunk judging from videos and short interviews that are available. The challenge for her is show more of herself given that there are other candidates who may outshine her in the upcoming activities. We are confident that Isabelle still has more to show in the upcoming days and give us some finesse.

Isabelle Luche, Mandaue City

Isabelle Luche has been making waves online since she announced she was joining Miss Universe Philippines. She topped a challenge and has a management, Star Magic to back her up. It also helps that she’s very techy-savvy, using TikTok as part of being a content creator.
As one of four girls representing the province of Cebu, there’s a lot fo expectations for Isabelle to be on top. Will she surpass the achievement of fellow Star Magic Maureen Wroblewitz who finished 1st runner-up? We will soon find out in the next few activities.

Jona Sweett, Aklan

No stranger to the pageant scene, Jona Sweett has competed in two national pageants before she took time off to be with family and concentrate in her work in Australia. At 26, Jona has one last shot in the pageant scene and wants to give it all.
Given her extensive training in pageantry, it won’t surprise us if Jona makes it as a semifinalist. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for in the next few days. We’re confident she’ll be able to show more of herself and make Aklan proud just like Cristelle Abello. Oh, and doesn’t she remind you all of Catherine Zeta-Jones in some angles?
Check out Jona’s recent interview with the Qrown Philippines, where she talked about giving it one last shot and the work behind the scenes for some of the online challenges.

It’s heating up

In the next few days, a lot can still happen in Miss Universe Philippines. The past two years have seen a lot fo surprises, so we will just have to wait who will shine in the most important aspects – the preliminary competition and close door interviews.

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