Newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi said that she can’t wait to talk to her mother after she gets some quick time off from her work as a beauty queen.
Speaking to the press after the coronation night, Celeste said: ” I haven’t seen my mom for so many years, at least two to three years. And I know this is not just my dream but also my mom’s dream.”
“So I know when I am gonna call her, I am just going to tell her everything that’s going on my mind. And I am going to tell her I am doing this for her, for my family, and I hope I made her proud.”
Family has always been important to Celeste as seen in her final Q and A. When asked what she’ll do if time were to stop, she’ll visit and see her family.
“If I could stop time, I would spend it with my family, especially my mother. It’s been two years that I [haven’t seen] my family because they live in Italy and I just came to the Philippines just by myself. So if I had a chance to spend one day, I would definitely be with my mom and I would just tell her how much I love her and miss her.”

Celeste Cortesi: I asked for this second chance

In the same interview, Celeste was asked how she’ll make sure to get the country’s 5th Miss Universe crown, knowing that there are a lot of expectations on her.
“I really asked for this second chance. I know the last time I was representing the Philippines and I didn’t give my best performance for many reasons. But I promised that if I had a second chance, I will really give my best. I will really train as much as I can and I am very excited and honored to represent the Philippines.
The second chance she said was very important.
” I have been wanting this for a very long time and I know I am not going to waste the chance. So I hope that the Filipino people will trust me with this. And I am so excited. I want to enjoy the journey as well.”

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