Two weeks after she was crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2021, Beatrice Luigi Gomez faced selected members of the media on Saturday, October 16, and was asked a number of questions in preparation for the pageant happening in Eilat, Israel in December.
When asked by a reporter why she wanted to be Miss Universe, the 26-year-old Cebuana beauty said: ” I am not here just as a beauty queen, as a representative of the country. I am here as a servant to all [of] the rest of the Philippines. I see this position as an opportunity for me to be able to help everyone that is most vulnerable, to be their voice especially the children I advocate for and to me, the Miss Universe platform is a position where I can help my community.”
Bea, who is also a Marine reservist, said that with the new platform, she hopes to bring more attention to her causes.
“I would really want to be an ambassador of this country. I already have advocacy with me before I joined the competition and I would love to be able to do more because I am advocating for children in conflict with the law and the victims of the armed conflict. I would love to do more for them.”
Photo by Alexa Villano
Although she has less time to prepare for the pageant, Bea said that she is determined to make the most of her reign as a beauty queen.
“When it comes to advocacy I have been doing it even before the pageant started And this platform is what it for – for us to serve the rest of our fellow Filipinos. And with the two months left before I go to Israel, I am just really cherishing all the experience because it’s a short period of time and I would really like to focus on my training. Because I really want to be very much prepared.”

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