In all of the years, she joined pageants, Maureen Montagne knew that she had to transform herself when it comes to the outfits she’ll be wearing. For the Miss Globe pageant, Maureen made sure to incorporate the Filipino touches to all the looks she will wear.
With her glam team led by fashion stylist Oli Sara, Maureen made sure to stick to what works for her.
Check out the photos of the outfits Maureen wore in her journey to the Miss Globe.

Pre-departure and arrival outfit in Albania

For her arrival in Albania, Maureen wore an Inaul suit by fashion designer Mac Taug. According to Maureen’s post, the suit was made by the women of Maguindanao.
Prior to leaving Albania, she wore a suit by designer Ador Feliciano.

Head to Head event

For one of the head-to-head challenges she attended, Maureen wore a white dress paired with earrings by Farrah Abu and being pumps.
For another head-to-head challenge, she wore a blue suit from Ruffy Itaas.


For one of her beach outings, Maureen wore a tent dress from The Easy Breezy Dress, earrings from Farrah Abu, and Jojo Bragais heels.
For a breakfast date with some of the candidates, she wore a light pink dress from Rob Lim.

She also would go casual in jeans and shirts as well as tracksuits provided by the Miss Globe as uniforms for some of the activities.

Maureen also wore dresses from Rigo Atelier and Omar Sali. She also got to wear a jumpsit from Paul Semira for another activity.

For a Halloween party, she came in like a disco diva, wearing a jumpsuit by Amaru Oaquiera.

Here are a few more photos of Maureen in her OOTD’s and photoshoots.

Sampaguita national costume

For her national costume, Maureen wore a sampaguita inspired bodysuit designed by Patrick Isorena, who also designed the national costumes of Miss Grand International 2020 1st runner-up Samantha Bernardo and Miss Intercontinental 2018 Karen Gallman.

Pageant proper

For the Miss Globe finals, Maureen wore three separate outfits. Aside from her black bikini in the swimsuit competition, she wore a gown by Ram Silva for the fashion round segment and a silver gown from Louis Pangilinan for the opening of the show.

For the last round and coronation, Maureen was dressed in a gold gown. She is now the second Miss Globe winner under the Binibning Pilipinas franchise.

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