Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey said that she wants to see more action than promises from world leaders who got together in the recent COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland to tackle the issue of climate change.
“I wanna see each country holding themselves accountable and holding themselves to a higher standard wherein they actually make a change, they enact laws, enact policies, and implement new laws that will help better the entire planet and their countries as well,” the American beauty queen and environmental activist told Qrown Philippines in an interview aired last November 10.
“I don’t want to see empty promises, I don’t want to see beautiful speeches, I wanna see action and I wanna see what they are going to do to back up their promise.”
The COP 26 or Conference of the Parties is a gathering of world leaders, ministers, negotiators, and other members of civil society who signed the UN Framework on Climate Change. The summit was held from October 31 to November 12.

The youth’s frustration

In the same interview, Lindsey said that when she was monitoring the events at Glasgow, she was proud to see the hundreds of young climate activists speaking up.
“A lot of them have the same goal in mind despite being from different countries, different backgrounds and they all came to meet in one place to really express how serious this means to them,” Lindsey said.
She added that the issue of climate change is a battle the youth are frustrated about because they feel their leaders are not doing enough.
“Our youth, they are the ones who are going to be impacted with the decision that needs to be made today. It’s a vulnerable situation that they are in because their future is in the hands of our current politicians and legislatures. It’s very frustrating. I can see it from their end because they feel despondent. Imagine where you are in a position that you can just do so much and changes within someone else’s hands.”
“So all they can do is take to the streets, use their voices, use their actions to show their current legislatures and politicians that this is our future. It’s in your hands. We need you to help us,” she said.
You can watch the interview with Lindsey below.
Lindsey is set to pass the Miss Earth crown on November 21.

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