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Jack Haleswood, England is Mister World 2019!


Jack Haleswood, England is Mister World 2019!

Jack Haleswood wins the Miss World 2019 title, beating seventy-one other contestants.

South Africa placed second while crowd favorite Mexico gets the third place.

Among the 72 candidates, Heslewood was recognized as Best in Barong. He was also one of the five candidates chosen as the finalists of the top model challenge along with Alejandro Martínez, 26, of Dominican Republic, Jody Baines Saliba, 26, of the Philippines, Jorge Núñez, 24, of Venezuela and Brian Faugier, 25, of Mexico.

The pageant was held today, August 23rd at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Here is the 27-year-old Hertfordshire, England born’s Q&A!

Philippines’ representative, Jody Baines Saliba, made it to the Top 12!

Vanessa Ponce de Leon, Stephanie del Valle, Julia Morley were in attendance in the activities for Mister World 2019!

Mister World 2019 Results, WinnersContinental Winners:
Mr World Europe: Austria
Mr World Africa: South Africa
Mr World Americas: Mexico
Mr World Carribean: Dominican Republic
Mr World Asia and the Pacific: Philippines!

3rd Place: Mexico
2nd Place: South Africa
Mr World 2019: England

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