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Horrified by Blatant Discrimination Against LGBTQ Sister Gretchen Diez


Horrified by Blatant Discrimination Against LGBTQ Sister Gretchen Diez

When the news first broke in our quarters, the members of The Qrown Philippines were appalled. We are sickened by the blatant disregard of human rights of our LGBTQ+ sister Gretchen Diez by the janitress, and security personnel of Farmer’s Market.

Diez merely wanted to relieve herself from her personal needs in a female restroom at the mall. The janitress called Diez out for using female restroom to the point of dragging her towards the security office with the help of two mall security personnel.

Diez, Roman and the unnamed janitress at the QC police station
Diez, Congresswoman Roman and rhe unnamed janitress at the Quezon city Police Station.

Aside from these physical abuses, hurtful words were hurled against Diez. She was repeatedly addressed as “sir”. The janitress even reasoned, “may uten (penis/ male sex organ) pa din po kayo”.

These personnels repeatedly tried to confiscate Diez’s phone while she instinctively did a Facebook Live to seek help from friends and concerned netizens.

The janitress who repeatedly called out Diez saying “may uten ka pa din sir”.

Alarmed by the situation, Bataan representative Geraldine Roman (a transgender, and a staunch supporter of gender equality) along with lawyers sent by Senator Risa Hontiveros swiftly joined Diez in a Quezon city police station.

Quezon city passed an ordinance promoting LGBT rights.

Roman, in an interview, repeatedly mentioned Quezon city mayor Joy Belmonte. It is ironic for this incident to happen within a city with an Anti-Discrimination Ordinance — the strongest in the country.

What’s more appaling is that this happened in a mall that sits within a commercial complex that highlighted the LGBT agenda in their streetwalks and lanes. This is the same commercial complex that displayed LGBT centerpieces in their malls in celebration of Pride month.

Araneta Center paints their pedestrian with LGBT colors in support of the Pride month festivities.

It seems as if all this is just marketing ploy and lip service. More than rainbow-colored walk lanes, the commercial complex should educate their personnel down to the rank and file about respecting a person’s human rights, LGBT member or otherwise.

Araneta Center highlights their newly-built bridge walk to connect their establishment with LGBT colors.

Otherwise, the colorful displays are just that empty collaterals that commercializes rhe LGBT agenda.


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