FEATURE 3/3: The Reality of Life Behind These Drought Breakers – Qrown

FEATURE 3/3: The Reality of Life Behind These Drought Breakers


FEATURE 3/3: The Reality of Life Behind These Drought Breakers

Pageantry is like a battle ground of girls who possess not just a beautiful body and face but an intellectual mind that is willing to serve the people and become the instrument of change in the world. This, for all the girls a platform to speak for their causes and advocacies as to how they would be able to touch the lives of those who are underprivileged and be the voice of these voiceless women in the society. These girls who have their own stories that are useful for the people who have suffered the same experiences and be able to shed light towards them and create an impact as they continue to live the life.

These women around the world will use their stories to inspire people that whatever circumstances they might face, continue to build your dreams. Just like these 2 living legends from Vietnam and Philippines, H’Hen Niê and Maria Venuz Raj who did not allow poverty become the hindrance to realize their life long dreams and that is to compete in Miss Universe. Their a living testament that your status in the society will not cause you to fulfill your dreams and change your lives in every way. Both of them have a strong story to share that being poor, working at an early age are something that should not be denied instead be proud of. Both almost share the same story but both have a same fate in Miss Universe, they finished in the Top 5. Breaking the non-placements in the Semi Finals for their respective countries. They are now considered as their nation’s Drought Breakers.

Earlier this month, they had the chance to unite for the first time as Miss Vietnam was invited to speak in front of a crowd in Naga. They also had photoshoot wearing the country’s National Dress, the Baro’t Saya and the Filipiña. It’s so good in the eye to see these legends in one photo while sharing their own story.


Below are their photos and videos:

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