If there was an award for the Best Answer or Speaker during the Binibining Pilipinas Top 12 Q and A, Stacey Gabriel would probably have won it. Her answer to the question differentiating a Historian from a Maritess (colloquial term for gossip monger) was one of the most applauded that night.
While she only got 2nd runner-up, Stacey’s journey as a Binibini has been a blessing and a start of a beautiful journey. Not bad for someone who battled depression a few years back.

The journey to being a Binibini

Stacey was first announced as part of Aces and Queens’ roster of candidates for Binibning Pilipinas a few months back. Before joining the pageant, Stacey has been doing some acting on the side just like fellow candidate Diana Mackey. One of her appearances was on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, playing the role of Master Sergeant Tricia Almario.
After getting into the Top 40, Stacey took part in the activities and made appearances. One of the first activities was the Santacruzan.
Aside from the activities, Stacey also granted the Qrown Philippines an interview in July where she spoke about joining the pageant. She clearly has the gift of gab.
Stacey also showed that she was a candidate to watch out for in several activities such as the press presentation and national costume and fashion show. She was also one of the ladies fans were eager to see during the Parade of Beauties.
Her national costume inspired by the taho vendor was one of the most unique creations in recent years.

Stacey slays

During the coronation night, Stacey’s energy was enormous as she led the opening of the show. She was often seen smiling throughout the competition. She was later called as part of the Top 12, where she spoke about wishing mental health would be destigmatized even more.
She also showed why she was one of the favorites during the evening gown and swimsuit segments.
Photo from Bb. Pilipinas

The Mic Drop Moment

As the last candidate to be called, Stacey was asked by Darna actor Joshua Garcia about differentiating a Historian from a Maritess. Putting her speaking skills to good use, the lady from Cainta, Rizal said:
“A historian is one who recognizes our painful past with factual evidence, looking back at our rich, vibrant history, and as well at the times that our humanity was trampled on that and our heritage was almost erased. If we look at our past, we can surely move onward and upward and rebuild, rise from this pandemic, and dream for a safer, healthier, and happier Philippines.”
Clearly, the judges were impressed and gave enough points for Stacey to be part of the roster of winners.
Hours after she was crowned, Stacey posted about her answer to the Q and A. She explained at one point in her life, she got harassed for standing up for the truth.
“A couple [of] years ago, I was harassed in my workplace. I spoke against the injustice, and sadly, my voice was silenced… my spirit [was] stifled. I then spent the next two years in and out of depression and in the depths of anxiety and OCD. I joined Binibining Pilipinas to reclaim my voice and to assume my power… and last night, I felt I did just that.”
“While we prayed and dreamed for a different result, I thank the Lord for the chance to bear my heart to my fellow Filipinos. I love you, Philippines. My heart beats for you, and I hope to one day have the distinct honor of representing you on the world stage.”
While Stacey may not be representing the Philippines yet in an international competition, she will surely be busy with her reign. Aside from the media tour, the organization is already lining up activities for all of them in the next few weeks.
With her gift of gab, Stacey will surely be doing a lot of hosting and speaking engagements for the organization. There is a saying “trust the process, ” and we hope for the day we see Stacey represent us on the international stage.

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