Samantha Panlilio’s pedigree is without a doubt something every Binibini would want to have. As a relative of Binibining Pilipinas Universe 1964 Myrna Panlilio, she comes from a line of beauties. But beyond her beauty and her gift of gab, Samantha’s most endearing qualities are her presence and kindness to her supporters, which only a few people get to see or those who know her.

Making an entrance

As the first candidate to open every segment of the 2021 edition, the challenge for Samantha was to throw the energy given that they had no audience at all times. She was always the one setting the expectations and she always delivered.
For many, Samantha was a dark horse in the competition. And she proved that when she won the Bb. Pilipinas Grand International title. She knew she had a lot on her shoulders after Samantha Bernardo won 1st runner-up and she wasted no time on working on what needed to be done.
Photo by Qrown Philippines
The next few months would see Samantha transform not only in her physique but pasarela training and the now famous PaSambogs that she did leading up to the Miss Grand International pageant in Thailand.

Did something go wrong?

If fans were to judge the preliminary performance of Samantha, it was a shoo-in to be part of the Top 20 semifinalists. Filipino fans have had a love and hate relationship with the organization and despite the runner-up placements and the caliber of ladies sent to the pageant, it seems in the eyes of the organizers it was not enough.
When Samantha didn’t even place in the Top 20, many Filipino fans already expected it knowing how fickle the organization was. Although they already knew it would happen, they couldn’t help but feel upset for Samantha, who they knew worked hard for the competition.
Photo from Miss Grand International
Although hurt and sad she didn’t place, Samantha eventually lifted her chin up and returned to the Philippines, bringing her fond memories of new friends she met.
Samantha may have not gotten the Grand crown but it was clear that there were still a lot of things in store for her just like her predecessor Samantha Bernardo. She would travel in and out of the country and attend to the family business in Puerto Galera. She was also busy with the Bb. Pilipinas activities required them to attend on behalf of the organization and the Araneta City Group.
Photo by Raymond Saldaña

A possible hosting and showbiz career?

With just 5 days before she passes the Bb. Pilipinas Grand International crown, Samantha is also looking ahead to what is in store for her. If we are to take seriously a previous post she shared on Instagram, this might not be her last foray into pageantry. But a few months back, she signed a contract with Viva Artist Agency, taking a possible step in trying showbiz.
Hosting seems to be where Samantha is heading. She recently hosted the talent competition along fellow queen Meiji Cruz and the press presentation alongside Miss Intercontinental 2021 Cindy Obeñita and Bb. Pilipinas International 2021 Hannah Arnold.
Photo from Bb Pilipinas
Samantha will always be a queen no matter what happens. She may have not gotten the elusive Miss Grand International crown but she is a winner in every Filipino’s heart.
After she is grander than any crown out there for her loved ones and supporters.

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