When people talk about Maureen Montagne, perseverance is one word that people will likely describe her. After joining various pageants, she can finally graduate from the world of pageantry with a crown on her head after becoming the second Miss Globe titleholder since Binibining Pilipinas acquired the franchise.

Try and try

We all knew how Maureen Montagne’s journey started. She came to the Philippines to try her luck in modeling. She joined her first pageant, Mutya ng Pilipinas, and had good placement. She would then try several pageants in the US before returning to the Philippines once more.
Photo from Mutya ng Pilipinas Facebook
As part of her foray into pageants, she tried for Century Tuna Superbods and won the top prize in 2018 in the female category. It was also the same year when she decided to screen for Miss World Philippines and eventually got the Miss Eco International Philippines sash.
Photo by Jonathan Santos
Maureen then went to Egypt and almost got a back-to-back win for the Philippines when she won 1st runner-up in 2019. Maureen was ready to move on and had her sight of trying one more time for the Bb. Pilipinas competition in the hopes of winning another title to represent the Philippines.
But the pandemic happened and the 2020 edition was postponed.

Patience and destiny

As everyone waited for the resumption of the Bb Pilipinas activities, Miss Eco International announced the dethronement of its 2019 winner after she got pregnant despite her contract ending. It was reported that the title was offered to Maureen. But Maureen begged off, saying that she already set on trying for Binibini.
The decision drew mixed reactions but Maureen knew where her heart is as she and her team focused their time to get better. In 2021, the Bb. Pilipinas activities resumed. There was one catch – she was already turning 28. Although the sealing age of Miss International was 28 years old, people felt she was going to head to Miss Globe.
And on July 11, Maureen won the Bb. Pilipinas Globe title, succeeding Leren Bautista. She was ready to go to Albania and win the Miss Globe title back for the Philippines.
Binibining Pilipinas 2021
Binibining Pilipinas 2021

Consistent and cool

During the Miss Globe competition, Maureen showed everyone, including pageant watchers and fans why she was a high-caliber candidate. She always consistently placed in the important segments of the pageant including the head-to-head challenge and swimsuit competition.
She also got good reviews during the evening gown segment and walked the runway in the Sampaguita-inspired national costume by Patrick Isorena.
Maureen was clearly a favorite winner and everyone was happy when she won the title. After all the years of being a bridesmaid in pageants, Maureen was finally a queen. She was the woman of the globe.
Photo from The Miss Globe

Modeling and hosting

As she turns over the Bb. Pilipinas Globe title on July 31, Maureen has yet to share what’s in store for her. She will definitely return to Albania to crown the 2022 winner in October. It’s unclear if the trips originally scheduled under her reign will push through.
Maureen previously said that hosting is something she would like to get into. She recently hosted alongside fellow queen Cindy Obeñita the national costume and fashion show. She has also judged several pageants, including the Mister International Philippines competition last June. She is also a sought-after model, doing ramp and campaign ads.
Photo by Jonathan Santos
On the side, Maureen has also been helping fellow beauty queens, giving them pointers from her experience. We won’t be surprised if Maureen eventually becomes a mentor herself.
After all these years in pageantry, Maureen Montagne can finally say she has graduated. She will forever be a queen and she knows well that everything was all worth it.

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