Hannah Arnold first came into the spotlight for the pageant fans when she was spotted watching the Bb. Pilipinas parade. Although she joined a pageant when she was a child, Hannah’s foray into the national stage would happen in 2019, when she competed alongside close friends Isabela Galeria, Cassandra Chan, and Patch Magtanong, who eventually went on to become Bb. Pilipinas International 2019.
Little did Hannah know that she would follow the steps of her good friend Patch two years later.

The Filipino-Australian representing Masbate

When Hannah joined in 2019, the hype surrounding her was real. She was angelic looking but can also be fierce. She was often compared to Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, to who she actually looks up to. She went on to be part of the Top 15 in 2019, which would push her to try for the 2020 edition.
When she screened for the 2020 edition, Hannah had her eyes on the Miss International crown after the Miss Universe franchise was removed from Bb Pilipinas. She also joined Aces and Queens after being independent during her first try.
Photo by Raymond Saldaña
With a camp to back her up, Hannah also had the opportunity to bring to the stage one of the causes close to her – women in STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Hannah graduated with a degree in Forensic Science from Australia and this was an opportunity to shine the light more on women in the field. She was also representing once more Masbate, her mom’s hometown.
But the lockdown was imposed and Hannah would have to wait for her destiny.

Improving herself and nabbing Miss International Philippines

With the lockdown imposed due to the pandemic, Hannah eventually flew to Australia to be with her parents. She then took a job while patiently waiting for announcements of the pageant.
In February 2021, Hannah flew back to the Philippines after the news that Bb. Pilipinas was set to happen in April. But she had to wait for a few months as the COVID-19 cases kept going up and down with the finals set for July. While waiting, Hannah, was busy improving herself with lessons provided by Aces and Queens and doing modeling jobs on the side. She also attended charity work, volunteering and learning about HIV-AIDS awareness and gender equality issues through Love Yourself, promoting education with her Book of Tomorrow campaign, and working with the Department of Science and Technology on several campaigns.
Photo from Bb. Pilipinas
Come pageant night, Hannah nabbed the Jag Denim Queen award and made it to the Top 12. She was given a hard question during the Q and A round but managed to win the coveted Miss International Philippines crown, succeeding her friend Patch Magtanong, who was happy to crown her that night.
Hannah was eager to represent the Philippines in the 60th Miss International edition. But with COVID-19 still rampant around the world, the edition was postponed once more. This worried her fans because she might not be able to represent the Philippines at all in Japan.
But good news came from Bb. Pilipinas. They announced that she will represent the Philippines in the 60th edition which was announced for December 2022. Finally, she can train and prepare for the international stage.

Hoping for a 7th crown

Come July 31, Hannah will be passing the Bb. Pilipinas International crown to her successor who will compete in the 2023 edition. The successor will have enough time to train and make the country proud.
Once Hannah passes the Bb. Pilipinas crown, she will be busier than ever training for the international stage in Japan. Fans are eager for her to show her prowess after patiently waiting. Japan is surely eager to welcome her with open arms.
Photo by Jonathan Santos
Patience and destiny played a role in Hannah’s life. She knows the country is hungry for its 7th Miss International crown and if the stars align, she may be the lady Japan is waiting for since Kylie Verzosa in 2016.
Anything can happen but for now, take a bow from the Bb. Pilipinas stage Hannah. The international stage is waiting for you to walk and be its queen.

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