Miss Intercontinental 2021 Cindy Obeñita and Miss Globe 2021 Maureen Montagne were treated like the queens they were during their double homecoming celebration sponsored by Binibining Pilipinas was held at the Novotel Hotel in Araneta City on Tuesday, November 23.
During the Q and A segment with the media, the ladies were asked if they brought with them the real crowns and not replicas. Cindy, the second Filipina to win the Miss Intercontinental title since Karen Gallman shared she brought the real one with her.
“I’m actually wearing the 18 million crown. I need to guard it with my life,” Cindy said in jest. ” With this crown comes responsibilities and duties.”
Miss Intercontinental 2021 Cindy Obeñita wearing the Oriental Holy Water crown during the homecoming. Photo by Bruce Casanova/Bb Pilipinas
Dubbed as the “Oriental Holy Water”, the crown is said to be made of 720 diamonds by FUQI China and is estimated at around 3 million yuan. The crown normally is used for pageant crowning purposes only and is locked after.
Maureen on the other hand said she also has the real crown and gets to keep it.
“The special thing about Miss Globe is they handcraft for every single queen. They get to keep it for the rest of their lives. I know Ann Colis had hers with red rubies. Mine they have sapphires.  Our crowns are estimated at about € 3,000 and they take 3 months to make,” she said.
Maureen Montagne wearing the Miss Globe crown. Photo by Bruce Casanova/Bb Pilipinas
During the Q and A, Cindy also took the opportunity to clarify the story of why she was in a cocktail dress when she was crowned last October 30 in Egypt while the others were wearing evening gowns.
“During the final rehearsal, we were told for the top 20, we will wear the evening gown. Once you are part of the top 20, you have to change into your cocktail dress. And in the top 6, you are not going to change and remain in a cocktail dress,” she said.
She and Miss England then noticed that a number of the candidates were already changing into evening gowns.
“We had a conversation she asked me magpapalit ba? I told her we need to stick to guidelines we need to stick to the rules that were mentioned the other night.”
Cindy eventually changed into her evening gown for the photoshoot wearing the crown.

A Happy Christmas

The two queens also told the press that it will definitely be a happy Christmas and celebration with their respective families and friends. Maureen said that she’s set to fly back to the US to meet her parents soon.
“This will be a touching Christmas for me. I haven’t seen my parents in 3 years and I’ll finally be seeing my mom and dad after such a long time. So coming home with the crown feels so good,” she said.
Photo by Bruce Casanova/Bb Pilipinas
“My mom actually pushed me to start pageantry. So it’s like a walk down memory lane. This is the end of my pageant journey so it’s going to be heartfelt I’m so excited and it’s going to be a big celebration and I hope to give back and volunteer in their area as well.”
Cindy agreed. “It would be an emotional and memorable Christmas for me as well. Binibini is my first national pageant and then Miss Intercon that was my first international pageant and we clinched the crown.”
“I’ll be spending it with my family because we have no international engagements yet but for January I think they’re preparing activities already so we will make the most of our say here in the Philippines bonding with my family.”

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