For Chelsea Fernandez, the road to her pageant career has been slow and steady. After taking time by joining several local and national competitions, the lady from Tacloban City finally nabbed the Binibining Pilipinas Globe title and has been assigned one of two back-to-back assignments alongside Gabby Basiano.
Indeed, Chelsea’s wait has paid off.

Training ground

Chelsea is considered by many a pageant veteran. Before Binibini, she joined Miss Bikini Philippines where she won the title and got the title of Miss Philippines Water in 2019.
At the height of the pandemic, Chelsea focused on herself and like many people became busy helping those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. She volunteered with DIWA, a group dedicated to helping those affected by the pandemic. She was also briefly the national director of Miss Fit Philippines.
There were already reports she was setting her eyes on another national pageant. But it was only in early 2022 when she alongside some of her Promedia sisters was introduced as applicants for Bb. Pilipinas 2022.

Ready for her moment

After getting into the Top 40, Chelsea started preparing herself for the 3-month long pageant. Like fellow pageant sister Roberta Tamondong, Chelsea was under the guidance of Promedia together with Rodgil Flores of Kagandahang Flores to hone all aspects of her pageant preparations. Promedia took care of fitness and wellness, while KF was in charge of personality development, pasarela, and makeup among others.
One of the first activities Chelsea did was the Santacruzan wherein she wowed the fans in her outfit by Marbin Garcia as  Sta. María Cleofe.
More Bb. Pilipinas promo photos came out including the white shirt and glam shots.
One of the clear indicators that Chelsea was a girl to watch out for was during the sponsor visits. She won the Ms. Ever Bilena award during the visit to the company. Incidentally, she also got the same sponsor award during the coronation night.

The main pageant activities

Chelsea like her other Promedia sisters took part in the talent competition. She channeled Shakira during her performance.
She was also present at the press presentation.
Chelsea also showed poise and fierceness at the fashion show where she modeled the sponsor’s outfits and her national costume by Nick Guarino.
She was also present at the Parade of Beauties which made its return after 2 years of absence.
The Qrown Philippines also got a chance to chat with Chelsea as part of the conversations in July.

Sustaining the momentum

During the coronation night, Chelsea was one of the most applauded candidates. She also had many supporters cheering her on.
She was then called as part of the Top 12, made her speech, and sashayed during the evening gown and swimsuit rounds.
During the Q and A, CNN Philippines news anchor Rico Hizon asked Chelsea about the importance of knowing history. Chelsea’s answer was: “I believe it is really important and we should not disregard our history. Because why? It is part of our culture, and it is part of our past, and it is part of who we are today as Filipinos. Daghang salamat.

On to the Miss Globe competition

The stars surely aligned with Chelsea on Sunday night. She was picked by the committee to compete in the Miss Globe competition, where she will have the task of defending the title for the Philippines. Maureen Montagne is the current reigning queen.
If there’s one thing good going for Chelsea is that she will get all the advice from Maureen herself when she goes to Albania. Like the rest of her sisters, Chelsea is busy with the media tour but everyone is excited for her to show her skills on stage.
The task of a back-to-back will be a challenge but if there’s one thing we can expect from Chelsea she will show the globe her fierce side and rock them with the beauty of the Filipina.

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