The Qrown represents what our organization embodies. In the world of beauty pageants, everyone wants to take home the Crown. But for us, it’s not only about the crown. It is imbibing the true spirit of royalty by being a Queen that transcends the superficiality of beauty.The Qrown is here to always stay­ on TOP of what’s hot, what’s latest and most of all – what’s significant.With our tagline, “Reign with Relevance” – we are the links that connect the Queen to her Crown. We are the bond that unites people despite differences in opinion, culture, religion and perspectives.Here, we believe that the synergy of the QUEEN and her CROWN is a powerful influential tool for social change.THE QROWN is here to make a difference and amplify the voice of TRUTH, INTEGRITY and COMPASSION.


Ever inquisitive, bold and adventurous, a group of pageant aficionados joined forces to provide an avenue for pageant fans to gain access to exclusive reports, news and updates, that is well-written, well-researched, accurate and fact-checked.


When you see Q, you always think about questions and answers – a vital part of every beauty pageant.As your news chroniclers, we are ever curious and oozing with passion to seek scoops and information about your favorite queens, beauty pageants and the behind-the-scenes to provide answers to questions and eventually provide you with the latest pageant buzz. The Q in Qrown represents:

  1. Queen: The Qrown supports every Queen (and King) representing the country.
  2. Query: The Qrown strives to ask only what is relevant and what is fresh.
  3. Quote: The Qrown adheres to a coda that is truth, we quote our queens with nothing more and nothing less than the truth.
  4. Queer: The Qrown stands with its LGBTQ brothers and sisters.
  5. Quest: The Qrown never ceases to improve, we will never be lulled to complacency and we embark on an unending quest to be better.

THE QROWN’s vision is to always be on TOP.

Take pride in chronicling and archiving momentous events uniting the pageant community. Organize activities that uphold the essence of pageants and beauty competitions and elevate it to a standard that would uplift Filipino culture and values. Promote awareness and pro-activism in causes that touches the advocacies of beauty pageants.


RESPECT differences and recognize diversity.

ENGAGE, enrich and influence.

INTROSPECT and encourage intellectual discussions.

GLORIFY and glamorize the beauty pageant community.

NURTURE healthy competition.



Jonathan Santos

Alexa Villano

Christian Baking

Rommel Sherwin Copuyoc

Dawnie Alexander Tiu

Jamin Lim

Patrick Unson